There's a muffin dog under your bed

The Way Maker and the Grieving One
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Been working on FFE lately. The pic above is my first attempt at pixel art that isn't an animated sprite. It's the first one with some details, but it's still rather simplistic. The dog was rather easy to draw, but I had some problems with the girl. It can be seen to, I messed up her navel and skirt and... well I just don't like how she came out. Done in Flash and later in Paint.

I've been doing some concept sketches that can't really make it into the game.

A werewolf and a girl clinging onto a vine for their dear life. They do slide down to safety eventually, somehow./Alternate version

These are some of my "drippy style" drawings. I fucked one up the first one gloriously, while the other isn't messed up at all, but looks kinda empty and plain.
Sweet, sweet nightmare fuel. Drip drip :D
Messy drawing. / Slightly cleaner version

A young woman with perhaps some Spanish/Latina/Cuban blood. I did something to her chin that I can't quite figure out and it's kinda irking me, but on the other hand I don't want to change it. Laziness. I think that the chin/mouth gives her the discrete, tropical gene.

And I did this in the days of heavy Dwarf Fortress obsession. They don't look like dwarves at all, they're just humans with beards. I did it while really tired, but couldn't sleep. It was 3 am, and I had to get up at 7 am for school. I think the girl with the wheat in the lower right corner is the only thing that redeems the whole thing. But I like the psycho with the axe too :D Hell, I love 'em all! x) Iako su NkZe, moje su nKzE.

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