Novi Sad + New Year's Eve preparations

Enter: Casablanca
Enjoy the retroness
Vrapčica's coffee
My coffee
New weapon of choice :D
The cathedral. As one can see the weather wasn't nice at all that day :c
Detail at the entrance.
The cathedral being a camwhore
Myspace angle shot? o__O
Neke ribe :Đ Inside the cathedral
Stalker shot. The weather is still a bitch.
Dva džibera :Đ
Fangirling at a game store
Katarina troruka boginja :Đ
Cheesecake + coffee = perfect to replenish all strength
Cheesecake camwhoring ^^
Moar coffee, moar cheesecake. Moje neradničke šake x3
Till death noms us appart
Cocktails at a shady bar, "Frida"
Svetleći džiber
Svetleći džiber u svojoj finalnoj formi
The return to Casablanca
Kali šaka? o.O
Raspad sistema
Vrapčica drinking a much needed mana potion x3
Osim toga Kali na majici :Đ
Mysterious light behind her x3
Being silly with the le gasp~/oops, I did it again~ face
I think I said something which caused the spark of fear in her eyes x)
Dat expression xD
Sangria duckface shots, later at New Year's Ewe
I'll do the sujbect a favor and stop posting these now x3
Noms in the making
Some noms I made for the New Year's Eve, final version. If/when I fail at school and everything, I can at least be a housekeeper xD

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