Muffin pills :D

Don't ask. That's kinda how I feel right now.

I'm rather impressed what people type into Google search and how they manage to find this page. I mean just look at this:

starving artist - 6
home is wherever i'm with you - 5
skeleton hand heart - 4
creepy poetry - 3
gelender u kafiću - 2
laugh until we think we'll die barefoot on a summer night - 2
oleander draw - 2
white oleander movie boy - 2
srtzu - 2 (this is from today o.o)
alison lohman 2002 long hair - 1
derplol - 1
patrick fugit w/ long hair - 1
oh hai wb - 1
muffin pills - 1

Whoever searched for muffin pills is a genius. Also writing random lyrics seemingly gives some traffic.

As for my acute bronchitis, it's slightly better. I feel perfectly fine until I start coughing, which is about 3-4 times daily. Then I have this dyspnea attack and it's horrible. What bothers me most is the boredom. I can't go out, but have to stay here instead. I spend my time reading books and listening to only Loquat, Metallica, and epic trailer music (Groove addicts, Two steps from Hell, Audiomachine, Source in Synch and so on...) and reading books. A weird musical combo, right?

I read Horhe Molist's Ring, and it's a written so horribly that it's amazing. This man should never try to write erotic scenes from a woman's perspective. The main characters is a bitch that is apparently irresistible and she knows it. She's a total slut too, as the novel begins with her receiving the titular engagement ring, and on the 50th page she already has two lovers besides her fiancee. She hates being compared to Ally McBeal, and her FIRST TRUE SPANISH LOVE (i feel my IQ dropping while I'm writing this) has finished 4 universities and became a bohemian and utterly failed at life.
Page 80-ish reveals that pretty much 90% of the cast is gay and that her godfather and his wife (also the parents of her Spanish lover) were both gay and had a fake marriage and a son just in order to be accepted in society, but meanwhile they secretly held orgies with their lovers.

I... don't know if I'll manage to finish the book. x3 It's so horrible it's brilliant, so I think I will. I paused that for a bit and moved on to revising Nietzsche's Zarathustra - the fourth book this morning. Beside that I somehow managed to dig up Euripides' Alcestis online and read it a few days ago. I like tragedies that have happy endings because one of the characters beats the shit out of the Reaper c:

Besides that, finished the first book of Sandman. Neil Gaiman is a genius! Morpheus and Death are both very interesting characters. Morpheus may be a bit too angsty, but Death's easy-going nature is there to balance things out. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

So yeah, I read a lot when bored.

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