Restoration of Erathia

On a train with a coyote ghost
Oh god I feel like a child again. In a good way. In the best possible way ever. Well the last few days I pretty much gathered people from my youth and forced them to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with me :P And it was awesome! It's all coming back to me now...
It's not like I've never player Heroes before, but after playing it and catching up with a childhood friend memories started flooding me. We ended up talking for hours about our (mis)adventures we had as kids. We counted so many things...

Running away from dogs while armed only with an umbrella, jumping down from train rails and jumping over dead corpses that were laying around (o__O it's actually creepier now that I look back) chasing white rabbits on our bikes, simply wandering off out of town, seeking cover together from a storm while carrying a poor puppy under one jacket, playing in a field of dandelions, searching for "gems" on a construction site, taking a nap on the hottest part of a summer day in a random crater outside town (we thought it was an archeological site x3), encounter with strange old ladies that gathered herbs and saving the world from necromancers (naturally :D)

Dear lord, what haven't we done? All the silly little things, like my jacket that mysteriously spawned 50 dinars in it's pockets (that was actually quite enough for a kid before the inflation) every day, the field of four-leafed clovers (and we actually found a few five, even six-leafed ones too!) under my friend's balcony are the past now. It's a shame they all scattered around the world and our little group parted ways. I'm actually feeling somewhat guilty that I'm on good terms with the ones that moved away, but have neglected and grown distant with the girl that still lives practically next door. Thankfully, we finally started fixing that.

Lololo hurr durr c:

Nostalgia - lyrics
Moar nostalgia - lyrics

Viva la coffee and nostalgia intoxication ^^

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