Unholy alliance

An unlikely ally
Today I realized that I've found and made an unique and very interesting co-fighter. She's been sticking around for a while, and we were always on good terms, (the first time we spent time together we made way too much toasts and got drunk together, we're bound for life now :P) but now we became quite closer.

She's pretty much my polar opposite - bold, very comfortable and skillful in social situations and crowds, confident and active. Pretty much a valley girl with a heart of gold. She's very good with the opposite sex (although gives the cold shoulder very often), and became somewhat like my wingman... woman... um... person!

The only traits we share is being snarky, an irresponsible mess and we both spent most of our schooldays in caf├ęs. Oh, and we're both a magnet for weirdos and psychopaths with sharp objects :D

We have much to learn from each other. She's showing me how to be more confident, defiant and a bit more reckless, while I'm teaching her how to avoid all the unwanted attention she gets by showing her the advantages of stealth, stoicism and calmness.

I'm interested to see what the results will be.

Listening to this song on repeat so much can't be good x3 Must... stop... should... sleep...

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