Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children :Đ


Just a quick resume of my current state(s) of mind. It was mainly rocking out to the bad boys of Boston (poor Steven Tyler, I shouldn't sing duets with anyone, especially him) Besides that, I've also been singing along like an idiot with Voltaire's silly death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs. :Đ

I'm just kidding, kid,
Welcome to hell,
enjoy the buffet!

Quite a nice welcome, if you disregard the pitchfork in the schlong.

And it's so easy when you're evil :Đ
Beside that, I've been reading OMGINTERNETNOVELZ a.k.a. teen crap, just for shit and giggles. Fiction A la My Immortal. Although this isn't fanfiction, nor does it have originalcharactersdon'tsteal, but is actually rather low on the narmy scale. Surprisingly low... It isn't horribly cheesy, and some of them even have a decent storyline.

I've been doing a little research and writing an... essay...? I'm not even sure how to call it... Anyway, it's about  patients and (started with the over-the-counter type of medication, kinda went crazy after that) drug abuse, mainly anything regarding Benzodiazepine and Oxy. It's unusual for me to spent so much time and energy in a research that involves legal shit like laws, state defenders, institutions and similar things. But I'm no stranger to medical research on the other hand.

Instead of working on actual shit I need to do for school, I end up working on this bizarre topics that won't have any positive impact on my grades or life. My grades are actually pretty good at this moment (except for biology, oh irony), but I didn't see much of school. I'll get my diploma handed in a café if I continue like this o.O That would be so awesome...

Well, it's actually questionable how many people I'll get to read an essay about drug abuse, and I know it. L'art pour l'art, I guess?

The human student cancels sleep: Strange mood.
The human student withdraws from society...
The human student cancels write: Too insane.

 +3 cookies if anyone gets this. Well, pretty much working with the aspect of a fey. Perhaps I even managed to scar my mother emotionally, since she's been very helpful answering my... peculiar questions. That poor woman.

This post is a mess. No surprise... Only four hours of sleep, and it's already very late. No wonder that my IQ is pretty much this...

This meme was born from an old Serbian movie! This is pretty much the only moment in my life that I'm proud because I'm from Serbia. Ok, I'll shut up now.
And btw I've discovered a cure, the panacea, for bad days.

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