Saaaave the niiiiight ♪ ♫ x3

Waltz of the spirits
Last night was rather peculiar, to say the least. When I left home, I couldn't even imagine that it will end the way it did.

So, after a nasty quarrel with my father, I went out downtown in a hurry. Quickly grabbed my wallet and a warm jacket as the night was cold. My only quest for the friday night fever was to simply have some dinner. I was contemplating about going to the lake, because a friend with the nickname Necrophilia invited me there to chill with his group. But seriously, I didn't dare to hang out with someone called Necrophilia :P

So, I ventured forth in hopes of simply buying dinner and thought how horribly sucky the weekend started. Luckily, then things turned for the better. I bumped into an old childhood friend. She was returning from a party that was obviously a disaster. One of her friends drank too much and caused a scene. After sending them in a taxi, she decided it was best to leave.

I offered her to walk her home (although she lives practically a few meters away from me) and she told me the summary of her evening - jerks and whores. Not that I'm actually surprised, seen plenty of both while walking through the city.

The walk home was surprisingly short, and I even managed to eat my sandwich halfway. (Meet me halfway, right with your sandwich ♫ ♪ o.o Oh god, hanging out with fancy people and listening their music is starting to leave marks and scars on my already fragile psyche o__O Note to self: needs moar cowbell metalheads ). After walking to her apartment building, she suddenly stopped and I recognized that sly, devilish smirk that she had on her face when we were up to something bad as kids. Then she asked very nonchalantly "Wanna go to the rooftops?"

Yaaaay, rooftops! ^^ We went upstairs, she grabbed some warmer clothes and some snacks and candy from her home. Her folks were apparently still out, but they usually don't stay out long, so we couldn't hang there for long.

After some complications with getting up on the roofs (closed/locked/rusted shut windows everywhere :c), we finally found a building that's fucking perfect. Even checked the upper balconies, all lights were out fuckyeah! :Đ Although I felt like a burglar a bit then ^^'

Back in business ^^
The rooftops were magnificent, as always. It was a bit chilly, but nothing too bad if one takes shelter from the wind. Boreas was somewhat merciful that night (Greek mythology references, can I be a bigger nerd? x3)

Time passed quickly as we were speaking about all the shit we did when we were kids, but mostly about raising and nurturing a puppy we found lying on the stairs in front of Vrapčica's brother's apartment building. I remember how we weren't sure what that is, and the girl I was with the last night cracked out that the puppy looked like a plastic bag to her. o__O

We gave some ham to the puppy, and it followed me to my home. The morning after, I was going out to play with the other kids, and was very pleasantly surprised to find it sleeping on the rug in front of the entrance. We fetched it some food, played with her all day and were very creative with giving her a name. We christened her Mala Crna (roughly translated Little Black, or Little Blackie. Yeah, we were amazingly creative :P Also guess which colour her fur was.)

Puppyyyy x3

Our parents cooked for the poor thing, gave her some medicine against germs and things like that. Under some lucky (at least for us) circumstances, a little shop was closed and left for dead nearby. There was a way to get in by crawling through a hole in the fence, just enough for a kid to fit in. The puppy also had no problems getting through. Nobody from our group was allowed to have a dog, so we made her a home in the abandoned shop. We also stole tons of ice-cream that wasn't carried away from the shop's fridge :P

Okay, random nostalgia flashbacks end here. Got carried away. Anyway, we were talking mostly about that. Then we noticed something very unusual. Tons of colours scattered across the sky. It looked pretty much like someone spilled liquid light all across the galaxy. We quickly stood up and approach the edge without much fear. We were too excited for that.

- Is this... the Aurora?
- It can't be... That occurs only in the north, right?
- Yeah, but what is this?
- Maybe it's smoke?
- Maybe it's a plastic bag too :P

I don't need neither drugs nor dreams. My reality is weird enough.

If looks could kill I would have dropped dead at the spot xD Actually, we still have no idea what we saw. It was so otherworldly, almost magical. A trail of light was literally flowing across the sky, changing shapes and colours. It was mostly golden/orange while lower, and more silvery blue when higher. We discussed if it could be a really strange cloud, but then it sunk so low and engulfed the buildings. We were speechless.

Then it suddenly started getting closer. There is a village to the south I think (I was never good with orientation), Ečka. In between is a tower/really big chimney of a factory. At first we though that's the source of the beautiful trail, but then the curious apparition engulfed the tower and headed towards us. We were startled as we didn't know the nature of the smoke or whatever it might be. Then it turned towards Mužlja when it was about 3-4 streets away from us. Svi putevi vode u Mužlju :P

Then my friend noticed that the trail of light  forms a ring around the city. Maybe it's actually some sort of fog and it's everywhere across the city, but we can't see it while it's so close to us? I still have no clue. It seems we have some sort of northern lights here, but only... on the Balkans... o.O

Capturing a picture of it failed miserably (crappy phone cameras :c) and it disappeared later. I hope the strange light phenomenon will return again soon, and I'll try to catch it again.

The rest of the evening we were just talking about what we just experienced and wondering what the fuck it was. The snacks and gummy-candy weren't bad at all either x3

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