Nothing can keep me away

It's funny how little things can change fate's direction. All the what if scenarios that could have happened... So many things could have gone wrong that day. Not actually wrong, more like they could have headed in a completely different direction. It's a miracle they didn't. It was either destiny or a series of lucky coincidences. Since me and miracles are not on familiar terms, I'll go with a series of fortunate coincidences. The RNG was merciful :D

What were the chances that my bike will be fixed exactly that day? And that the other person, absolutely vital to this situation, was going to be in town because of the holidays? Also, the fact that we managed to meet that day is a bit surprising too. I wasn't in the usual mood for coffee that day, so I rode on my bike out of town. Another strange thing, I usually never have the will to do sports. And the route I took was as strange too, I left the town completely.

Then my bike decided to jam in the middle of nowhere .__. Another (un)happy coincidence? After a while, I somehow managed to repair it (very peculiar too, I'm a clutz when it comes to mechanics and shit like that). I have absolutely no idea what kind of unnatural force made all those things work out, but one thing is for certain...

Whatever it was, an innocent life was saved that day.

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