Back to the place I once knew

Yay, I'm somehow comprehending the new blogger look.

Anyways, yesterday I spent the little time with my crazy priest friend and his folks. They are a lovely bunch. I was definitely reminded why I associate them with a warm, cozy home, warm colours in general (especially yellow o__O) and why I feel more welcome there then in my own apartment. Let's make our house a home, Lewis :D Oh, Yogscast... x3

The trio from childhood was reunited again, even for a short while. While the crazy priest was packing his stuff and preparing to return to his monastery boarding school, his sis and I made coffee in a microwave. The results were... interesting. Their mom stuffed half of the fridge in his coffers. o.O

A sigurno nećeš ovu šunku? Evo, spakovala sam ti teglu krastavaca pa možeš da jedeš sa tim. A evo ti i jedan majonez, valjda će preživeti put do Cetinja...

She went bonkers with the food. The rest of us were mildly amused by watching her pack tons of food for him. After that, when our priest was finally packed and ready to go, his father gave him a ride to Belgrade. The farewells were really heartwarming. His sister gnawed his ear (something they used to do a lot when they were children) and it was really adorable (although it may not sound as such now :P) His mom went all sentimental and vulnerable while hugging her son. His sister whispered to me "Mom's gonna burst in tears now", but surprisingly, she didn't.

After our crazy priest went away, I played Slagalica with his sister and we rocked \m/ xD That's when I had one of my childhurrrd episodes. Those two always manage to catapult me into flashbacks of idyllic summers, filled with sunny days, running by the riverside and fields of reed or dandelions.

Ian and Matt, thank you for giving me so many things I can relate to ^^

After that, I had coffee with another very dear person (and my future roommate if I'm lucky) and we spent the rest of the afternoon being Brits. Although we had Jafa keks and coffee at 19:30 instead tea and biscuits at 17 o'clock, it didn't matter c: The conclusions we had: Indians are hardcore batshit insane, men are insecure idiots, and most of our friends who are in a committed relationship are retards because of the way they ruin their relationships. And living in Serbia is great :D All in all, we had lots of fun.

Stay classy, bitches~ c:

The night somehow led me into a seedy bar, and even though I went there only 3 times, I already know all the songs x_X There were interesting (if not dangerously disturbed) persons, and we all shared fucked up stories, cigarettes and alcohol, but it wasn't really a great evening. I mean, it was all fun and games, (Magma is all fun and games, but then someone falls in and then it becomes !!FUN!! and ☼games☼ Kudos if someone gets this :P) but not nearly as much as when hanging out with my dear derps xD

I have... really no idea how to explain this...

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