Daring escape

Press X or C to start your daring escape :3
Skipped school yesterday, went to the rooftops with my friend again, so nothing unusual is happening. And yeah, I recovered from my illness, at least partially.

We went to a different rooftop this time and it was a nice one. Yeah, they're all the same, but the surroundings are different. This building is practically surrounded by trees and some have grown so tall that they make a neat shade at the four story rooftops. We just hanged out in the shade, talked, drank some wine and ate snacks. That is, until we were attacked by bees o.O We tried to hit them with our notebooks, but utterly failed. But in the end, we managed to kill one and stun and chase away two! \m/ But the killer bees eventually won and we had to move to another rooftop.

After a while we had to go home and started to climb down. My friend went first, and I was supposed to give her our school bags after she descends. But she got caught by an old lady. She tried to smooth talk her way out, but it didn't work. Then she just casually walked away, ignoring the old woman. xD

I was forced to make an ninja escape to the next building, evading bees and a couple who tried to fix their TV antenna. Somehow they didn't notice me and I managed to make my way down with two schoolbags full of heavy crap on my back. Never thought I'll manage to fit through the tiny window and climb down the ladder with the two bags. I have no idea how it went unnoticed.

So yeah, my life is pretty much becoming Prison School break o__O

By the way, it is October now, so the guys at GMC will probably post new updates and I'm really looking forward to see what they've been doing this month.

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