A beautiful demise
Went to a friend's place and we watched this really beautiful movie. We were sitting by the heater and watched White Oleander on her laptop while sipping some awful wine. It was sour, while the movie was kinda bittersweet.

This friend of mine, she's the artistic type and studies graphical design, and she said that the movie's artsy and different. Thank lord, it wasn't just the hipster type of "different". It's really a beautiful work of art. The environment and characters are all carefully designed and full of beauty. I've never seen a movie that shares my taste for... well everything with me.

While often violent and dark, the movie stays full of dignity and the characters show their beauty even in their tragic fate. I especially liked the female lead. Alison Lohman did a fantastic job portraying her character. She was fragile and gentle, but still deceiving and dangerous, much like the titular flower. She always literally transforms to fit in her current situation. She's kinda the type of woman I try to portrait my female characters like in my works, but with much more inner strength.

A few times prostitution is mentioned in the movie, and I apologized to my friend again for calling her a 90¢ whore a quite some time ago, even it was just a joke.

Her romantic interest is a long haired foster guy, which I also found surprising. The two are perfect partners in crime. He's a bit derp, and her eyebrows change colour in every fucking single scene, but they're still very believable and unique characters. Her mom is a very powerful character, even in the movie. But she's batshit insane, like all mothers are.

In the terms of game development, I've made a few more characters animations that were kinda difficult for me to do, but I don't think there's a way to use them. That's what I get when inspirations strikes at 3 am.

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