Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.

That's a pretty Freudian look you've got there, Scandinavia... Compensating  for something, perhaps?

Traveling to the land of winter and blondies tomorrow. Hope the plane doesn't crash. I'll report back if I don't get killed by a sniper that's been shooting immigrants and tourists a few years ago -.-

But that's just dad's optimistic side of the story. In my fucked up fluffy world, I'm headed towards a land full of social services, discounts, advanced technology and... well... blondes.

Survival techniques:
- Practically live in bakeries, it's always warm there. :D
- Armed myself with a (hopefully) good book and a music player in order to fight boredom during the flight.
- Have a notebook and a pen at any time.
- Spend money on coffeeandsweetscoffeeandsweetscoffeeandsweets wisely.
- Discover interesting shit on my own. Fuck godfather, he's not a tourist guide.

I'll still buy coffee and sweets that we are lacking here and bring it for the folks at home.

Now I must go, my planet needs me x)

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