Violently sick

Returned from Sweden a few days ago. I had a really great time, and when I packed my stuff and was ready to go, I actually barfed on my host's rug. Yeah, so much for being grateful for their hospitality. Instead of heartbreaking hugs or at least a handshake, all I got was a shy hand wave from the distance. :c

Because of a strange cough I've been having lately, I went to the doc only to be diagnosed with bronchitis. Yay for the best winter holidays ever. But I've got some happy pills and inhalation therapy and should be fine in about a week.

But prior to that, the trip to Sweden was absolutely awesome and I even got a shitload of coffee and chocolate, although my godfather secretly ate the best ones :c Also I tried the best dark beer that Scandinavia has to offer. It was... *drumroll* Staropramen! .__.

Mi na jugu smo bolji alkoholičari :DDD

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