Random drawingz

Portrait of a beautiful stranger. My most recent piece, I'm really happy how it turned out.
 Angry/jealous eyes practice. I draw way too much goodie-shoes and micas :D
The starting seven for a Dwarf Fortress embark (although they look like humans :P). All based on real persons.
Upper row: Chief Medical Dwarf, crazy Woodcutter, Mason
Bottom row: Miner, Expedition leader/Trader, Engraver and Planter
The same personas (non) gratas + a random skeleton. His name is Koca o.O
Drawn obviously with a pen, but I went batshit when adding colours.
A face study. Loosely based on Zooey Deschanel.
This one's named ryba.jpg on my computer o.O No-shoulder shirts are awesome :D
Something I did for art class three years ago. Charcoal is awesome too :Đ
The consequences of boredom in school. The text is a loose translation of  Souvenirs d'un autre monde.
Souvenirs d'un autre monde reminds me of the short, yet seemingly endless period where I am freed from the chains of mortal fears by escaping reality while venturing the rooftops with dear people. I must admit that sounded better in my head.
Had to darken it because the scanner didn't want to cooperate -.-
A digital remake of the previous sketch. The theme and colour palette were inspired by Canabalt.  I'm not completely happy with how it looks, but it's a personal piece and means much to me.
Using my awesome MS Paint skills to explain to a friend what a typical JRPG looks like. And the tooltip should be saying Die in vain, I think. There's also a random snail somewhere on a picture :3
This isn't mine, but actually a request a kid did for me when I randomly managed to end up on a Livestream channel o.O The kid has diabetes (with art cute like this, it's no wonder :P) and is generally a mica and I like this drawing a lot. I'll try to repay with a drawing too. It was named Littlederpwolf.jpg during the livestream ^^ squeeee derp
Okay, enough !!aRtZ!! for now. A little to do reminder list:

- A Lift me up morning piece. A little thank you for your existence tribute to coffee. Maybe I'll try experimenting with colours if I find the courage.
- A three-part nostalgia based drawing. Parting ways because of... well, life, but still connected through memories and shit like that.
- Fighting/embracing/accepting with humor one's personal demons. The former would be dark, the other two would be silly. It'll probably be decided by what I'm listening to most at the moment. :P
- I'll try my luck with a couples picture. Again, the theme will be either passionate if I'm feeling frisky or loving if I'm my gentle self. It's either rawr or d'aww o.O
- I REALLY want to draw a gryphon! Neiživljene fantazije broj 2 :Đ But I know it'll suck :/
- I have a sketch of an asleep Arctic fox lying around which I want to colour. Lotsa blue and white :D
- Random things I see on the street or in my daily life.

Here's a random classy song if someone needs to recover from listening to Narodnjaci/Vendi on repeat

Yes, this post finally sent the webcomics post on the previous page! No more crashes from loading all the images when trying to access my own blog :Đ

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