Blue grass grows all around

Clickie! :3

I'm actually making this a dev blog. I've been working on the random grass generator (how pathetic is that?) and it looks pretty decent now. But the blocky grass generator actually had some uses - now it creates ground tiles. I'm happy with completing the floor "engine". Now it can work for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Beside that, I finished the walking and moving around engine for the player and made a basic one (that will be completely changed later) for the AI. With that and the object depth issues resolved, I decided to make a basic room and see how things work out. And they did fine. The player can't go through objects, and can stand in frond and behind them, giving a 2.5D feeling. I'm pleased for now.

So here is a screenshot of the makeshift room I programed. I didn't realize how many of the sprites were red or brown o_O But at least they kinda blend well together. Also, I wasn't expecting to have enough sprites done to make a relatively decent room. It's still a bit empty, but it works for now.

What I intend to fix:
- The fireplace. Stronger colours, and of course add a cozy fire ^^
- That damn shadow... The lighting makes no sense! It doesn't actually even exist.
- The table... It's just... lame.
- Some of the proportions, the bookshelf for example. Also that golden statue should have been a horse, but every animal I draw ends up like a dog D:
-  The only thing you can interact with is the puppy. You'll be able to examine and interact with more stuff.
- The dog's legs... they're... wrong...

Nuff about Game Maker for now.

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