Unicorns are real! ^^

Click me. I'm too big for this cruel world :(

Oh my, something that is actually what this blog was made for! I'll post some of the progress I made. Not much, but a start.

So, here we see the player character wandering in a trippy forest. Yeah, I know it's all purple and gay, but it also has unicorns with wings that fart rainbows and shit diamonds and are totally awesome. Chuck Norris has eight.
Okay, I'm fine now. Let's start over.

Here we have a random forest. I was crazy enough to make a random forest generator, so it will always randomize so the player can never feel sure and never truly know the way. I want the player, as well the character, to feel lost and helpless. So I made a grass and floor generate at random, but in pairs. There won't be grass growing out of a stone ground, and if it's snowy there will be cold, blue colored plants and so on. But the position and looks of the grass wary, as do the location and looks of the trees. What was changed after the screenshot is that the grass isn't limited by the 32x32 grind anymore, but is more free to grow wherever it wants to.

The only thing I'm worried about is framerate. The trees love killing it. They release many particles that are okay when there are about 10 trees, but more can be a problem. I will hopefully resolve the issue by making use of the deactivate_all and activate_all command line, but I'm still learning the gml, so I'm experimenting. Another one could be that forests don't release particles, only lone trees.

Here's a random terrace I created too, and my particles are present, of course. The damn things are everywhere.

In my fluffy world even the trees shit sparkles.
The alternate "scary" version, made just so I can call it survival horror xD Be afraid, be very afraid...

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