Do want!
Today I skipped school. It's just the 19th of September, I don't wanna start too early :D I went to my grandma's (granny's crib o__O) and offered to help with the garden. Grandma is really old and her movement is kinda... limited, and grandpa is just plain lazy. So she took me to the garden in the backyard and I harvested a shitload of spinach that grows there. The things were everywhere.

I realized how much I love plants and gardens. When I was little I always loved playing in auntie's vineyard and used to water plants and take care of the weeds. A few days before I had a little sanity slippage and said to a friend "Hey, we should totally make a big garden on the rooftops" and she was like "Are you fucking nuts? Nothing can grow there!" Guess my inner hippie child is coming to life. o.O

I guess my whole life is just a paradox. I'm living a typical "urban" life in a city, go to school, practically LIVE on coffee, always on the rush. Yet I want to live at the county, have a house and a big garden. I hope my crazy idea about spreading plants and life from the roofs of city buildings will hold ground, at least for now.

And in mah garden I will have a weeping willow at a pond, and a field of wildflowers around, so I can drown like Ophelia :DDD

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