Back from school, and still kicking. I have a new philosophy teacher and he's... strange. He looks like a shell-shocked war veteran that may never recover o__O He talks very slowly and looks in the distance when he talks and is weird in all possible ways. To be short: we're fucked.

A lot of people have been pestering me with university because it's my senior year now. Soon I'll have to leave home and move to a bigger city and go to college. My dad said that I should go to Vienna somewhere else in Swiss, or somewhere in Sweden. He believes that the countries are in some state of economical and social welfare. Living there is like "winning the lottery of life" No mater how stupid his metaphors may be, he's right.

But living the "American dream" a.k.a. the Serbian nightmare would be so... everything that I haven't been doing my whole life. While living in this hellhole people learn to accept dark fate with dignity and humour, compassion too. There are just dark elements of life that are just... ours. When you see how much the things are messed up here, you are shocked, but after a while you accept it and laugh about it, saying "Heh, this is Serbia".

So, what would one do in such a "perfect" country made of fulfilled dreams and bliss? It's kinda like going to heaven only to find it boring. I'm trowing a tantrum, I'll stop now.

Also, the gmc restarted the upcoming games of September on time! ^^ So I'll probably post some progress art/stuff of FFE.

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