Oh hai?

Fear my horrible handwriting

Today I was cleaning my desk up and went through a bunch of papers, notebooks and stuff. And I found my old English book. I flipped a few pages and found muffin dog. That silly mutt was the only thing that kept me from going insane from boredom at my English class. The material was easy, and my deskmate wasn't a talkative soul and he drew doodles in class too. The difference is that he actually draws really good, but oh well.
So, this little fella was the first concept of the idea of an canine companion that I wanted to introduce in a game, and so I will. So this will be a dev blog for my projects and games. Let's hope they get finished.

I guess that an introduction is a good way to start this blog. So, what can I say, I'm a muffin dog. I love to steal muffins from tables, but unfortunately they're always out of my reach.
Yes, that's a muffin, don't question it's existance o.O Also, I fucked up her face badly :c

Another one from my English book. I actually cleaned this one up a bit and managed to edit the text out. It wasn't easy, that's for sure!

So, the muffin dog befriended a girl that brought him to her home. Here we see her typical morning relaxing and drinking a cup of coffee. The muffin could be her breakfast or a treat for the doggy, but maybe she's just teasing him.

When doodling this in English class I got the idea of the duo that could work in a game. So that's when he became her canine companion and friend. I later decided to name the girl Eleonore and the puppy is still nameless, but I'm working on a game project in GM, so he'll probably get named. Still, I think the player will get the chance to name him whatever he wants.

I feel like telling a children's fairytale about a girl and her puppy. But gosh, this blog makes me wish to draw children's book illustrations... o__O Should not want.
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