I caught a cold or something. Had to stay at home and miss school today. Not that I'm complaining! Had lots of time to spend on reading books, and I'm glad that I had been able to rest and recuperate. I'm taking some antibiotics and hopefully I'll be healthy and kicking in no time.


Do want!
Today I skipped school. It's just the 19th of September, I don't wanna start too early :D I went to my grandma's (granny's crib o__O) and offered to help with the garden. Grandma is really old and her movement is kinda... limited, and grandpa is just plain lazy. So she took me to the garden in the backyard and I harvested a shitload of spinach that grows there. The things were everywhere.

I realized how much I love plants and gardens. When I was little I always loved playing in auntie's vineyard and used to water plants and take care of the weeds. A few days before I had a little sanity slippage and said to a friend "Hey, we should totally make a big garden on the rooftops" and she was like "Are you fucking nuts? Nothing can grow there!" Guess my inner hippie child is coming to life. o.O

I guess my whole life is just a paradox. I'm living a typical "urban" life in a city, go to school, practically LIVE on coffee, always on the rush. Yet I want to live at the county, have a house and a big garden. I hope my crazy idea about spreading plants and life from the roofs of city buildings will hold ground, at least for now.

And in mah garden I will have a weeping willow at a pond, and a field of wildflowers around, so I can drown like Ophelia :DDD


Me drunk. Will edit later when sober. Derp.
Some of the things came back. We were drinking on a rooftop (it has a fence, we can't fall down, don't worry) and it was a night of... comedic sociopathy o_O I remember airplanes that tried to bomb us, a lack of this little precious tool and some reaaaaaly weird conversations, but unfortunately I can recall just a few.

Well, yeah x3 But everything's still very fuzzy.

Good night, sweet prince

Sweets to the sweet: farewell!
There is a willow grows aslant a brook
That shows his hoar leaves in the glassy stream.
There with fantastic garlands did she come
Of crowflowers, nettles, daisies, and long purples,
That liberal shepherds give a grosser name,
But our cold maids do “dead men’s fingers” call them.
There, on the pendant boughs her coronet weeds
Clambering to hang, an envious sliver broke,
When down her weedy trophies and herself
Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide,
And mermaid-like a while they bore her up,
Which time she chanted snatches of old lauds
As one incapable of her own distress,
Or like a creature native and indued
Unto that element. But long it could not be
Till that her garments, heavy with their drink,
Pulled the poor wretch from her melodious lay
To muddy death.

Guess who just finished Hamlet? It was an quite interesting read, despite of having to read it for class. The only interesting read from my literature class beside Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

The motif of revenge is an interesting one, and the (almost?) incestuous love between queen Gertrude and king Claudius is really squick. Hamlet, man, I feel your pain. I would snap too if my uncle was banging my mom. Oh my god the mental pictures noooooo Wait... I don't even have an uncle...
Anyway, the characters were ok, beside queen Gertrude, she was kinda way too passive. She got way to little... screentime. But her death announce/poem about Ophelia's drowning is my favourite part of the drama. The rest she babbles things like "hamlet, mah boi, y u no be sane? </3" Also she just randomly drinks poisoned wine, which is kinda lame.

Hamlet per se was kinda meh in the beginning, but later becomes a badass that is playing insanity and throws stealthy insults at everyone. But he's still a derp.

Ophelia was my favorite character, but again I have a thing for pretty girls with flowery garlands that hum songs of madness. I'm also a sucker for "broken bird" characters, and her descent into insanity was incredibly beautiful. Even her brother says that she makes horror and despair into beauty and life, or something like that. Her demise was a really tragic one.

And then they all died. THE END.

P.S. Mr. William must have been on some REALLY nasty drugs when writing the whole pirate taxi England-Denmark thing o_O

I will open one of my six mouths and sing the song that ends the Earth

Elixir of life

Oh hai. So, school's started and I'm having five hours of sleep maximum, and that's a jackpot. I would look like a zombie if it weren't for this beauty. I would open one of my six mouths and sing the song that ends the Earth.
Nevermind that. ^^'
If you ever need your faith in humanity restored, just google "coffee art" and see the images. Makes you think that we're beautiful, unique snowflakes that are destined to create beauty and art.

Blue grass grows all around

Clickie! :3

I'm actually making this a dev blog. I've been working on the random grass generator (how pathetic is that?) and it looks pretty decent now. But the blocky grass generator actually had some uses - now it creates ground tiles. I'm happy with completing the floor "engine". Now it can work for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Beside that, I finished the walking and moving around engine for the player and made a basic one (that will be completely changed later) for the AI. With that and the object depth issues resolved, I decided to make a basic room and see how things work out. And they did fine. The player can't go through objects, and can stand in frond and behind them, giving a 2.5D feeling. I'm pleased for now.

So here is a screenshot of the makeshift room I programed. I didn't realize how many of the sprites were red or brown o_O But at least they kinda blend well together. Also, I wasn't expecting to have enough sprites done to make a relatively decent room. It's still a bit empty, but it works for now.

What I intend to fix:
- The fireplace. Stronger colours, and of course add a cozy fire ^^
- That damn shadow... The lighting makes no sense! It doesn't actually even exist.
- The table... It's just... lame.
- Some of the proportions, the bookshelf for example. Also that golden statue should have been a horse, but every animal I draw ends up like a dog D:
-  The only thing you can interact with is the puppy. You'll be able to examine and interact with more stuff.
- The dog's legs... they're... wrong...

Nuff about Game Maker for now.

Unicorns are real! ^^

Click me. I'm too big for this cruel world :(

Oh my, something that is actually what this blog was made for! I'll post some of the progress I made. Not much, but a start.

So, here we see the player character wandering in a trippy forest. Yeah, I know it's all purple and gay, but it also has unicorns with wings that fart rainbows and shit diamonds and are totally awesome. Chuck Norris has eight.
Okay, I'm fine now. Let's start over.

Here we have a random forest. I was crazy enough to make a random forest generator, so it will always randomize so the player can never feel sure and never truly know the way. I want the player, as well the character, to feel lost and helpless. So I made a grass and floor generate at random, but in pairs. There won't be grass growing out of a stone ground, and if it's snowy there will be cold, blue colored plants and so on. But the position and looks of the grass wary, as do the location and looks of the trees. What was changed after the screenshot is that the grass isn't limited by the 32x32 grind anymore, but is more free to grow wherever it wants to.

The only thing I'm worried about is framerate. The trees love killing it. They release many particles that are okay when there are about 10 trees, but more can be a problem. I will hopefully resolve the issue by making use of the deactivate_all and activate_all command line, but I'm still learning the gml, so I'm experimenting. Another one could be that forests don't release particles, only lone trees.

Here's a random terrace I created too, and my particles are present, of course. The damn things are everywhere.

In my fluffy world even the trees shit sparkles.
The alternate "scary" version, made just so I can call it survival horror xD Be afraid, be very afraid...


Back from school, and still kicking. I have a new philosophy teacher and he's... strange. He looks like a shell-shocked war veteran that may never recover o__O He talks very slowly and looks in the distance when he talks and is weird in all possible ways. To be short: we're fucked.

A lot of people have been pestering me with university because it's my senior year now. Soon I'll have to leave home and move to a bigger city and go to college. My dad said that I should go to Vienna somewhere else in Swiss, or somewhere in Sweden. He believes that the countries are in some state of economical and social welfare. Living there is like "winning the lottery of life" No mater how stupid his metaphors may be, he's right.

But living the "American dream" a.k.a. the Serbian nightmare would be so... everything that I haven't been doing my whole life. While living in this hellhole people learn to accept dark fate with dignity and humour, compassion too. There are just dark elements of life that are just... ours. When you see how much the things are messed up here, you are shocked, but after a while you accept it and laugh about it, saying "Heh, this is Serbia".

So, what would one do in such a "perfect" country made of fulfilled dreams and bliss? It's kinda like going to heaven only to find it boring. I'm trowing a tantrum, I'll stop now.

Also, the gmc restarted the upcoming games of September on time! ^^ So I'll probably post some progress art/stuff of FFE.

Silent poetry

Painting is silent poetry.
I survived the return to school. It wasn't much anyway. We didn't have half of the classes. I'm attending a new class now, sociology. It's... meh. The whole school day was just meh, but when I went home things got interesting. ^^

I saw an artist on the street selling oil paintings and graphic sketches. She was your typical starving gipsy artist. But the woman was so kind and patient, I can't describe it. When people (me among them) bugged her with stupid questions, she just explained everything patiently. It was a really pleasant talk.

She explained about the art industry and copyrights, how she has a colleague that paints with oil and the two collaborate and she sells his works while drawing with charcoal. Unfortunately, she's not very good with portraits, and regrets it. But I think she draws landscapes pretty nicely.

I was tempted to buy a painting (or two) because they're actually pretty cheap. But what would I do with it? None of the rooms in my flat are coluourful or pretty enough to house such beautiful paintings. You can't have a classy painting in a flat with a completely different style. I don't even think my parents arranged the rooms with style, just used whatever they had. Of course, from the moment I saw the paintings I drifted of to my little fluffy world where i can daydream of the beautiful house out in the country. But it's just a dream for now.

The horrible truth.
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