Soundtracks and comebacks

The song that changed everything
And another one

I wish you a merry everything. Christmas, being an adult, listening to old rock songs, being a great human being, the return of your health, simply being home... Whatever marks you as an individual, treat it like a blessing.

One for the muse and partner in crime. Keep on rocking, and I'll keep rolling ^^
One for my roomie
One for the cursed one
And one for the Other/Deuxieme/Doppelgänger

Last dinosaur :3

Beautiful morning with you
Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.
We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.

Those two always remind me of Henry and Eileen. Regardless of that, I love the pic.
Brings back memories...

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Watermelon. Or like a panda with a mean face. Or like saddles with pressure points drawn on them. Or the smell of a black board eraser. Or a Sunday morning where you wake up and it’s raining.

Yeah, I finally know where Canti is from. And Matt's obsession with guitars as weapons. The worst thing is, I actually can relate to several characters in the series, even thought the plot makes basically no sense. Well, except the hidden symbolic meanings behind everything, it is studio Gainax afterall. But the general weirdness and surreal humor of the series remind me on the comics I drew earlier, and I didn't think of it just as a Widget (WJT - weird japanese thing) series, but it made perfect sense to me... kinda.

One of my fav scenes

And my fav song (one of, cause they're all great :P)

Aside from that, I really want to correct some digital art, but I don't have photoshop in Novi Sad, and the internet won't be that good untill next month :/
Also, I would like to thank Seriyu and jiko for featuring me on Springlessclock. I wish them the best of luck with the site :D

Through sepulchres to Arcadia

Drifting along in a boat that I built myself,
with a cat and a dog and a bird and a Christmas elf
It's been quite a while since I wrote the last post here, so here's a bit of an update. The summer's been beautiful, both the long awaited holiday on the seashore and the time I spent at home. Even then it was mostly trips to the beach and chilling with friends. But I think I liked the holidays in Montenegro at most, as it helped me prepare for college life, and more importantly mended some distance between myself and two persons dear to me. Beside that it was a blast with lots of interesting new faces who live in the town where I'll go to college, so yay :D
I remember mostly ice-creams, insane ferris wheel rides, movie nights, ice coffees running through a lush field of grass and getting soaked when the sprinklers went off, waiters horribly failing to serve a dish in a restaurant and sitting on the rocky shore and watching the waves under the full moon.

Dream of your land, the waves on the sand
Your throne overgrown with wildflowers
Dream of the light casting shadows at night
Gentle raindrops in silver showers

After the summer, I moved to a bit bigger town, found a sweet cozy apartment and it's already more home to me than my actual home ever was. Yeah, I just like it that much.

After moving, I went to a wine fest. It was pretty neat. Free wine, crazy rides, even a blackberry wine called yolo. Alas, poor Yorick yolo.

A toast to the plans we made to live like kings

It's a mean town, but I don't care
Try and steal this
Can't steal happiness :3

Warning - weird lyrics video

I also wanted to post something about some little projects I did, post a few drawings, recommend a few books/games/bands etc and generally and devote it to hobbies and maybe even school, but this post is long enough as it is already.

That's it for the past few months and now. As for the future... Well, I guess JD can explain it better than me.

Every day is Sunday cause the Sun comes dancing down :D

Sketches from school (mostly)

My scanner finally decided not to be a bitch and started working (although it requires a weird workaround). So, I decided to scan some new stuff that I doodled in school when utterly bored at physics class. I'll post it in a collection together with some old, already scanned stuff that's been collecting dust on my hard drive for some while now. Here goes...

A portrait of Sóley, a great artist. Drawn in school from memory of her photo album. Added some colours later in photoshop later to match the general feel of her music.
A greyscale version.
Me being my scruffy, bohemian self x3
Some friends. I got headphones just because I utterly failed at drawing an ear >.< The girl on the right got ^^ eyes because the dot-eyes didn't quite work... One can still see the first ones :P
Dawgs. They can be seen on lots of pages, always looking derpy.
Inspired by Demento. Simple, yet looks nice to me.
Random chair study made a year ago o.o
A sexy chair from a local cafe
"And your little stool too"
Another oldie. On the left is a happy couple I know (although they broke up recenlty) with her pregnant. On the right are me and two friends, and in the middle is a pimped up tree bitchin' and looking fabulous. And a hanged looser :P
An idea for an rpg. At the time it was inspired by Final fanasy and EBF, but later it shifted to a more Disciples 2 type of gameplay, but with some new concepts like an action bar/speed mechanics and using multiple types of mana in combat.
The current mechanics. Drawn in a haste in MS paint in order to demonstrate a problem on a programming forum (about the rows). The enemies are just ridiculous, but I like how the werewolf and the girl turned out, I might keep the sprites. I'm actually not sure if the eyebrows should stay x3 I added them for lulz, but I kinda like them now...
I realized that I always draw women in skirts or dresses, so I braved a one in pants! She looks like a mess and for some reason like a runaway.
Another one. This woman is supposed to look more mature, calm and sophisticated, unlike the one above.

That's all I have scanned. And I guess it's enough.

Armed with wings

Iji, just because. Iji's always related :3

Why am I sitting in a bloody desk studying Chemistry for some bloody exam?! I have only one life, and I'm going to live it!!
*Puts on Winged Helm*
*Mounts Seraphim Wings*
*Draws out St.Michael's Sword*
It is Time!!
This song... this life... this epicness...

Oh, and I have pretty much graduated from highschool btw. It's been a bumpy ride and I'm gonna miss skipping classes. Carefree times like these will never come again. Oh well... I must attend to my destiny now. And my destiny is... quite peculiar... x3

Oh well,  last time I was Stone Bro, the hopefully last basement dweller, destined do spill coffee at two bears at once o.O

You are Hitler's dad, the silent camwhore, destined to snack on God :Đ

Dear lord, I have been toying with this for half an hour and it's still fun xD

Very random info - 9gag featured a comic (ripped off without giving any credit to the author, as always) and they missed out the best part :c

Nothing can keep me away

It's funny how little things can change fate's direction. All the what if scenarios that could have happened... So many things could have gone wrong that day. Not actually wrong, more like they could have headed in a completely different direction. It's a miracle they didn't. It was either destiny or a series of lucky coincidences. Since me and miracles are not on familiar terms, I'll go with a series of fortunate coincidences. The RNG was merciful :D

What were the chances that my bike will be fixed exactly that day? And that the other person, absolutely vital to this situation, was going to be in town because of the holidays? Also, the fact that we managed to meet that day is a bit surprising too. I wasn't in the usual mood for coffee that day, so I rode on my bike out of town. Another strange thing, I usually never have the will to do sports. And the route I took was as strange too, I left the town completely.

Then my bike decided to jam in the middle of nowhere .__. Another (un)happy coincidence? After a while, I somehow managed to repair it (very peculiar too, I'm a clutz when it comes to mechanics and shit like that). I have absolutely no idea what kind of unnatural force made all those things work out, but one thing is for certain...

Whatever it was, an innocent life was saved that day.

Back to the place I once knew

Yay, I'm somehow comprehending the new blogger look.

Anyways, yesterday I spent the little time with my crazy priest friend and his folks. They are a lovely bunch. I was definitely reminded why I associate them with a warm, cozy home, warm colours in general (especially yellow o__O) and why I feel more welcome there then in my own apartment. Let's make our house a home, Lewis :D Oh, Yogscast... x3

The trio from childhood was reunited again, even for a short while. While the crazy priest was packing his stuff and preparing to return to his monastery boarding school, his sis and I made coffee in a microwave. The results were... interesting. Their mom stuffed half of the fridge in his coffers. o.O

A sigurno nećeš ovu šunku? Evo, spakovala sam ti teglu krastavaca pa možeš da jedeš sa tim. A evo ti i jedan majonez, valjda će preživeti put do Cetinja...

She went bonkers with the food. The rest of us were mildly amused by watching her pack tons of food for him. After that, when our priest was finally packed and ready to go, his father gave him a ride to Belgrade. The farewells were really heartwarming. His sister gnawed his ear (something they used to do a lot when they were children) and it was really adorable (although it may not sound as such now :P) His mom went all sentimental and vulnerable while hugging her son. His sister whispered to me "Mom's gonna burst in tears now", but surprisingly, she didn't.

After our crazy priest went away, I played Slagalica with his sister and we rocked \m/ xD That's when I had one of my childhurrrd episodes. Those two always manage to catapult me into flashbacks of idyllic summers, filled with sunny days, running by the riverside and fields of reed or dandelions.

Ian and Matt, thank you for giving me so many things I can relate to ^^

After that, I had coffee with another very dear person (and my future roommate if I'm lucky) and we spent the rest of the afternoon being Brits. Although we had Jafa keks and coffee at 19:30 instead tea and biscuits at 17 o'clock, it didn't matter c: The conclusions we had: Indians are hardcore batshit insane, men are insecure idiots, and most of our friends who are in a committed relationship are retards because of the way they ruin their relationships. And living in Serbia is great :D All in all, we had lots of fun.

Stay classy, bitches~ c:

The night somehow led me into a seedy bar, and even though I went there only 3 times, I already know all the songs x_X There were interesting (if not dangerously disturbed) persons, and we all shared fucked up stories, cigarettes and alcohol, but it wasn't really a great evening. I mean, it was all fun and games, (Magma is all fun and games, but then someone falls in and then it becomes !!FUN!! and ☼games☼ Kudos if someone gets this :P) but not nearly as much as when hanging out with my dear derps xD

I have... really no idea how to explain this...

Random drawingz

Portrait of a beautiful stranger. My most recent piece, I'm really happy how it turned out.
 Angry/jealous eyes practice. I draw way too much goodie-shoes and micas :D
The starting seven for a Dwarf Fortress embark (although they look like humans :P). All based on real persons.
Upper row: Chief Medical Dwarf, crazy Woodcutter, Mason
Bottom row: Miner, Expedition leader/Trader, Engraver and Planter
The same personas (non) gratas + a random skeleton. His name is Koca o.O
Drawn obviously with a pen, but I went batshit when adding colours.
A face study. Loosely based on Zooey Deschanel.
This one's named ryba.jpg on my computer o.O No-shoulder shirts are awesome :D
Something I did for art class three years ago. Charcoal is awesome too :Đ
The consequences of boredom in school. The text is a loose translation of  Souvenirs d'un autre monde.
Souvenirs d'un autre monde reminds me of the short, yet seemingly endless period where I am freed from the chains of mortal fears by escaping reality while venturing the rooftops with dear people. I must admit that sounded better in my head.
Had to darken it because the scanner didn't want to cooperate -.-
A digital remake of the previous sketch. The theme and colour palette were inspired by Canabalt.  I'm not completely happy with how it looks, but it's a personal piece and means much to me.
Using my awesome MS Paint skills to explain to a friend what a typical JRPG looks like. And the tooltip should be saying Die in vain, I think. There's also a random snail somewhere on a picture :3
This isn't mine, but actually a request a kid did for me when I randomly managed to end up on a Livestream channel o.O The kid has diabetes (with art cute like this, it's no wonder :P) and is generally a mica and I like this drawing a lot. I'll try to repay with a drawing too. It was named Littlederpwolf.jpg during the livestream ^^ squeeee derp
Okay, enough !!aRtZ!! for now. A little to do reminder list:

- A Lift me up morning piece. A little thank you for your existence tribute to coffee. Maybe I'll try experimenting with colours if I find the courage.
- A three-part nostalgia based drawing. Parting ways because of... well, life, but still connected through memories and shit like that.
- Fighting/embracing/accepting with humor one's personal demons. The former would be dark, the other two would be silly. It'll probably be decided by what I'm listening to most at the moment. :P
- I'll try my luck with a couples picture. Again, the theme will be either passionate if I'm feeling frisky or loving if I'm my gentle self. It's either rawr or d'aww o.O
- I REALLY want to draw a gryphon! Neiživljene fantazije broj 2 :Đ But I know it'll suck :/
- I have a sketch of an asleep Arctic fox lying around which I want to colour. Lotsa blue and white :D
- Random things I see on the street or in my daily life.

Here's a random classy song if someone needs to recover from listening to Narodnjaci/Vendi on repeat

Yes, this post finally sent the webcomics post on the previous page! No more crashes from loading all the images when trying to access my own blog :Đ

Saaaave the niiiiight ♪ ♫ x3

Waltz of the spirits
Last night was rather peculiar, to say the least. When I left home, I couldn't even imagine that it will end the way it did.

So, after a nasty quarrel with my father, I went out downtown in a hurry. Quickly grabbed my wallet and a warm jacket as the night was cold. My only quest for the friday night fever was to simply have some dinner. I was contemplating about going to the lake, because a friend with the nickname Necrophilia invited me there to chill with his group. But seriously, I didn't dare to hang out with someone called Necrophilia :P

So, I ventured forth in hopes of simply buying dinner and thought how horribly sucky the weekend started. Luckily, then things turned for the better. I bumped into an old childhood friend. She was returning from a party that was obviously a disaster. One of her friends drank too much and caused a scene. After sending them in a taxi, she decided it was best to leave.

I offered her to walk her home (although she lives practically a few meters away from me) and she told me the summary of her evening - jerks and whores. Not that I'm actually surprised, seen plenty of both while walking through the city.

The walk home was surprisingly short, and I even managed to eat my sandwich halfway. (Meet me halfway, right with your sandwich ♫ ♪ o.o Oh god, hanging out with fancy people and listening their music is starting to leave marks and scars on my already fragile psyche o__O Note to self: needs moar cowbell metalheads ). After walking to her apartment building, she suddenly stopped and I recognized that sly, devilish smirk that she had on her face when we were up to something bad as kids. Then she asked very nonchalantly "Wanna go to the rooftops?"

Yaaaay, rooftops! ^^ We went upstairs, she grabbed some warmer clothes and some snacks and candy from her home. Her folks were apparently still out, but they usually don't stay out long, so we couldn't hang there for long.

After some complications with getting up on the roofs (closed/locked/rusted shut windows everywhere :c), we finally found a building that's fucking perfect. Even checked the upper balconies, all lights were out fuckyeah! :Đ Although I felt like a burglar a bit then ^^'

Back in business ^^
The rooftops were magnificent, as always. It was a bit chilly, but nothing too bad if one takes shelter from the wind. Boreas was somewhat merciful that night (Greek mythology references, can I be a bigger nerd? x3)

Time passed quickly as we were speaking about all the shit we did when we were kids, but mostly about raising and nurturing a puppy we found lying on the stairs in front of Vrapčica's brother's apartment building. I remember how we weren't sure what that is, and the girl I was with the last night cracked out that the puppy looked like a plastic bag to her. o__O

We gave some ham to the puppy, and it followed me to my home. The morning after, I was going out to play with the other kids, and was very pleasantly surprised to find it sleeping on the rug in front of the entrance. We fetched it some food, played with her all day and were very creative with giving her a name. We christened her Mala Crna (roughly translated Little Black, or Little Blackie. Yeah, we were amazingly creative :P Also guess which colour her fur was.)

Puppyyyy x3

Our parents cooked for the poor thing, gave her some medicine against germs and things like that. Under some lucky (at least for us) circumstances, a little shop was closed and left for dead nearby. There was a way to get in by crawling through a hole in the fence, just enough for a kid to fit in. The puppy also had no problems getting through. Nobody from our group was allowed to have a dog, so we made her a home in the abandoned shop. We also stole tons of ice-cream that wasn't carried away from the shop's fridge :P

Okay, random nostalgia flashbacks end here. Got carried away. Anyway, we were talking mostly about that. Then we noticed something very unusual. Tons of colours scattered across the sky. It looked pretty much like someone spilled liquid light all across the galaxy. We quickly stood up and approach the edge without much fear. We were too excited for that.

- Is this... the Aurora?
- It can't be... That occurs only in the north, right?
- Yeah, but what is this?
- Maybe it's smoke?
- Maybe it's a plastic bag too :P

I don't need neither drugs nor dreams. My reality is weird enough.

If looks could kill I would have dropped dead at the spot xD Actually, we still have no idea what we saw. It was so otherworldly, almost magical. A trail of light was literally flowing across the sky, changing shapes and colours. It was mostly golden/orange while lower, and more silvery blue when higher. We discussed if it could be a really strange cloud, but then it sunk so low and engulfed the buildings. We were speechless.

Then it suddenly started getting closer. There is a village to the south I think (I was never good with orientation), Ečka. In between is a tower/really big chimney of a factory. At first we though that's the source of the beautiful trail, but then the curious apparition engulfed the tower and headed towards us. We were startled as we didn't know the nature of the smoke or whatever it might be. Then it turned towards Mužlja when it was about 3-4 streets away from us. Svi putevi vode u Mužlju :P

Then my friend noticed that the trail of light  forms a ring around the city. Maybe it's actually some sort of fog and it's everywhere across the city, but we can't see it while it's so close to us? I still have no clue. It seems we have some sort of northern lights here, but only... on the Balkans... o.O

Capturing a picture of it failed miserably (crappy phone cameras :c) and it disappeared later. I hope the strange light phenomenon will return again soon, and I'll try to catch it again.

The rest of the evening we were just talking about what we just experienced and wondering what the fuck it was. The snacks and gummy-candy weren't bad at all either x3

St blargh

Oh dear lord it moves o__O
Celebrated saint Patric's day a tad too early, even if it wasn't my intention. Have a good one.

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