Sketches from school (mostly)

My scanner finally decided not to be a bitch and started working (although it requires a weird workaround). So, I decided to scan some new stuff that I doodled in school when utterly bored at physics class. I'll post it in a collection together with some old, already scanned stuff that's been collecting dust on my hard drive for some while now. Here goes...

A portrait of Sóley, a great artist. Drawn in school from memory of her photo album. Added some colours later in photoshop later to match the general feel of her music.
A greyscale version.
Me being my scruffy, bohemian self x3
Some friends. I got headphones just because I utterly failed at drawing an ear >.< The girl on the right got ^^ eyes because the dot-eyes didn't quite work... One can still see the first ones :P
Dawgs. They can be seen on lots of pages, always looking derpy.
Inspired by Demento. Simple, yet looks nice to me.
Random chair study made a year ago o.o
A sexy chair from a local cafe
"And your little stool too"
Another oldie. On the left is a happy couple I know (although they broke up recenlty) with her pregnant. On the right are me and two friends, and in the middle is a pimped up tree bitchin' and looking fabulous. And a hanged looser :P
An idea for an rpg. At the time it was inspired by Final fanasy and EBF, but later it shifted to a more Disciples 2 type of gameplay, but with some new concepts like an action bar/speed mechanics and using multiple types of mana in combat.
The current mechanics. Drawn in a haste in MS paint in order to demonstrate a problem on a programming forum (about the rows). The enemies are just ridiculous, but I like how the werewolf and the girl turned out, I might keep the sprites. I'm actually not sure if the eyebrows should stay x3 I added them for lulz, but I kinda like them now...
I realized that I always draw women in skirts or dresses, so I braved a one in pants! She looks like a mess and for some reason like a runaway.
Another one. This woman is supposed to look more mature, calm and sophisticated, unlike the one above.

That's all I have scanned. And I guess it's enough.

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