Armed with wings

Iji, just because. Iji's always related :3

Why am I sitting in a bloody desk studying Chemistry for some bloody exam?! I have only one life, and I'm going to live it!!
*Puts on Winged Helm*
*Mounts Seraphim Wings*
*Draws out St.Michael's Sword*
It is Time!!
This song... this life... this epicness...

Oh, and I have pretty much graduated from highschool btw. It's been a bumpy ride and I'm gonna miss skipping classes. Carefree times like these will never come again. Oh well... I must attend to my destiny now. And my destiny is... quite peculiar... x3

Oh well,  last time I was Stone Bro, the hopefully last basement dweller, destined do spill coffee at two bears at once o.O

You are Hitler's dad, the silent camwhore, destined to snack on God :Đ

Dear lord, I have been toying with this for half an hour and it's still fun xD

Very random info - 9gag featured a comic (ripped off without giving any credit to the author, as always) and they missed out the best part :c

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